Are You Fit to Serve

Web-based text-adventure game which coincided with the roll-out of the film Skyfall in Fall 2012.The game included a highly-scalable server architecture built on Amazon AWS. It is designed to handle any number of users, from 10 to 10 million. I architected the web-based software that manages player state through the game: including scoring, time-outs, success and failure and player communication.

I also created the front end Javascript “terminal” using JQuery+CSS to emulate a UNIX computer terminal.

The game communicated asynchronously with an AI chatbot on the back-end to create the illusion that players are interacting with another human being. The site was written in Java to take advantage of multi-threading for the asynchronous calls.

The game also used open source audio matching technology Echoprint to “unlock” the site via computer microphone. This ran on a separate set of PHP servers on their own load balancer.

This was built for Hide & Seek in London, and Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, OR.  The site is offline now, as the campaign only lasted for two months. See Hide & Seek’s Page.

Software Architect / Front and Backend Developer. AWS, Java, Tomcat, DynamoDB, MemCached, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery

 “…Throughout, he showed enormous foresight, drawing on a real depth of experience to devise robust, flexible architecture that meant we never even encountered many of the problems I’d experienced on other projects…”

-Margaret Robertson, Managing Director Hide & Seek