Immigrant Nation

Immigrant Nation is a new, interactive social enterprise. Its goal is to facilitate rich, cinematic storytelling among a diverse audience involved with American immigration – past, present, and future. In partnership with Murmur, Immigrant Nation is developing an online platform that will serve as the hub of activity, supported and complemented by a variety of outreach activities, including social media and live events.

At the heart of this project is a simple premise: most people in the U.S. have an immigrant journey to share — be it their own or the voyage of a relative in the past. As the hot-button topic of immigration divides communities across the country, this shared history has the potential to create commonality between new and potential arrivals as well as those whose families have lived in the U.S. for generations.

The Immigrant Nation platform will create an interactive experience that helps users connect to their own story, and enable them to see the common threads between the stories of potential immigrants, new immigrants and longtime residents — making immigration personal, while putting immigration trends in historical context. It will also integrate into the Immigrant Nationsocial media channels, and streamline the process of story submission and distribution.

This is an effort that has never been more timely: the population demographics of the United States are changing and the Census Bureau predicts that in the next 20 years, white descendants of European immigrants will no longer be the majority in this country. This year, the subject of immigration will also take center stage in a National debate as a bipartisan push to tackle immigration reform ensues.

A Murmur project.

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